About Me

Godswill Desk Blog is owned by Godswill Onuge Eke.

Godswill is a HR practitioner, researcher, writer, trainer, husband, father, public speaker (not in this order maybe). His interests include Human Capital Development & Management, Start-ups & Business Management, Inspirational parleys, Internet discoveries and Microsoft office softwares.

Mr. Godswill is also a product of varied experiences and life's trials. He has had his own fair share of 'ups' and 'downs', bitter and sweet, good and bad, gain and losses, .... and the experiences .... just continue.

Through this blog, he shares his knowledge, experiences and opinions - professional and personal - with the world. 

When he is not at work, he enjoys reading, writing, browsing the net and playing games with his kids.

Email Contact: info@godswilldesk.com

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