My Three Sincere Advices To Nigerian Students And Graduates

Advices to nigerian graduates and students

Every now and then I am faced with the unfortunate sight of watching graduates and jobseekers trooping in and out of the office looking for “non-existing” job opportunities. After years of schooling, sometimes even up to post-graduate levels, one would expect that the average Nigerian graduate will have opportunities waiting for them as they leave school. But the reality is far from this.

It’s no more news that we are in an era of “global” economic depression. Companies are downsizing, laying people off, and even when they want to recruit, they look for a very tiny handful of highly-skilled (not just "multi-certificated") people.

Many times, graduates (even the best students with shiny certificates and awesome grades) become so disappointed by what they find after school.

The situation is just getting uglier by the day; and this is the reason for this article: to offer my sincere advice to the average Nigerian graduate and student alike.

1. You must realize that the society (and the government) has little or no solution for you. You must take your destiny in your hands. This mindset will ensure that you are prepared to face the society’s current realities and depend on no one. You will also not be disappointed by society’s failure to help. Of course, it doesn’t mean the authorities are not willing to help, but let’s face reality, they just can’t reach everyone; they can't help everybody.

2. Start “thinking” of a solution now; not tomorrow, not after graduation; now, even while you’re in school: Have you ever wondered why some of the world’s best companies were started by school drop-outs. It’s simply because they kept their brain busy – thinking about how they would help themselves since they had no education; and what is the result of their thinking: huge success, of course.

While you’re in school, think. When you graduate, keep thinking. Concentrate on researching areas of interest. Find out what you can do on your own or in partnership with others. This is not just about raising capital to rent a shop and sell goods. Research the internet – thankfully, today Nigeria is experiencing a boom in the online world. Many internet revolutions including Ecommerce are on the rise, which means opportunities to make money. Ask questions about how you can connect (I am available to help guide any willing mind). There are avenues to make money online today that won’t cost you anything to begin, I mean you can start making money with simple “smart-work” and no start-up cost.

How did online businesses -- like JobbermanNairalandKonga, and others -- start? Simple, someone was thinking. You can take advantage of the various online shopping malls and classified websites in Nigeria like OlxJumia,Konga etc to start a legal third-party / drop-shipping business without a kobo to begin (ask me how). I know a guy who started like that.

3. Learn and acquire useful and saleable skills: The average Nigerian student uses the internet only for chatting, dating, and such purposes. But apart from these “social” uses of the internet, one can actually learn and acquire so many skills online for free.

There are many online resources and schools that are hundred percent FREE to learn fast-selling skills like html, web design, coding, Microsoft office softwares, internet marketing, and many many other skills you can sell to make money. You can even learn how to set up digital marketing campaign and traffic generating systems for businesses selling on the net, and you can make good cash.

If you have some cash or a sponsor, you may also enroll into skill acquisition centres to learn these skills.

Today in Nigeria, internet business is big business, and presents huge earning opportunities for those willing to venture into it; but of course you need appropriate information and guidance.

Sitting at home and praying alone won’t help. Start somewhere and when you pray, your God will have something to multiply. God won’t just multiply “Zero”.

Hope you enjoyed this piece. You can contact me for further discussion using the contact form or via my social media outlets.

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