How To Make Microsoft Excel SPEAK To You

Microsoft Excel Tips
(Scroll Down To Watch The 48 Seconds Video On This Tutorial)
When entering data from a sheet of paper into Excel (e.g. Students’ test scores), you’ll have to always look at the paper and the screen each time you enter data to be sure you’re typing the correct number.

Well, I was doing this until I found a very useful tool called Speak Cells On Enter in Microsoft ExcelThis tool will make Excel speak to you as you enter data. Using this tool, I just concentrate on entering the data and Excel tells me whether I entered the right data or not.

How to do this:
Follow the quick steps below; also watch the short (47seconds) video for clarification

Step 1:
1. In Excel worksheet, Right-click the Quick Access Toolbar
2. Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar
3. Click the arrow under Choose commands from and select Commands Not in the Ribbon
4. Scroll down to select Speak Cells on Enter and click Add then click OK to save the settings

Microsoft Excel Tips

5. The button Speak Cells On Enter will appear on your Quick Access Toolbar like this:

Microsoft Excel Tips

Step 2:
The button Speak Cells on Enter is a toggle. Click it once to start speaking each time you enter data and press enter. Click it again to stop speaking.

The Video. Click To Watch:

Hope this helps you. Contact me for questions.


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