Top Three (3) Qualities Expected Of Workers

qualities of good workers

Organizations today are not just looking for applicants to fill vacant positions, they are actively searching for suitable manpower who will add value in helping them achieve their objectives. Companies want the right kind of people for their available job functions.

So, if you have been offered the job you applied and were interviewed for and you want to know what you should do to quickly get confirmed and fully inducted into the job, and also get recognized and even promoted, then read on.

Or, you have been working for some time (perhaps for a very long time) yet you are battling to gain the recognition and uplifting you so desire, you should read on.

Or, you simply want to arm yourself with necessary information to be better prepared for when you land your first job, then by all means read through this article.

From my experience and interactions with managers, recruiters and departmental decision makers, I have found that organizations look for the following three qualities in their employees:

1. Knowledge:

Whether you are employed or aspiring to be employed as a trainee, experienced professional, or consultant, companies want to be sure you possess the basic minimum knowledge for your employment category. A trainee needs to have basic theoretical or academic knowledge of his field; an experienced professional or consultant needs to have an acceptable professional knowledge of this domain.

In addition to the knowledge you bring to the organization, you also need to prove that you can quickly learn on the job as knowledge is dynamic. This is particularly important for working professionals. You are assessed by how much knowledge of your job function you are assimilating while on the job, and so you need to stoop low and keep learning and learning and relearning.

Knowledge of your field and job function is invaluable, and companies don’t compromise that in deciding your growth or otherwise within their system. So keep this in mind – try to have some base knowledge and also do your best to learn quickly on the job.

2. Hard Work:

By hard work, I mean the ability to consistently and relentlessly apply knowledge in a productive manner. Even if you possess the required knowledge of your job function and are also learning very fast on the job, if you cannot apply that knowledge in a productive way to move the organization forward, you cannot excel in the workplace and you may even lose your placement.

Remember, you were primarily employed to work, and work you must to keep your employment and also grow on the job. Playing truancy with your job or showing signs of lack of dedication to the job can cost you dearly. Although many people say that they work hard, not many keep on working after being at the job for a while.

So, strive to apply your knowledge productively at all times. Find joy in doing your work. There is dignity in labour. But if you cannot do the job, simply exit the company.

3. Obey Rules

Apart from looking out for people with required knowledge of their job functions who also are willing to learn on the job and apply their knowledge in a productive manner, organizations also want people who will obey rules, policies and follow laid-down procedures.

Even if you feel that a rule or policy is a deviation from industry’s best practice, you should not start-out breaking them. If you do, you may be shown the door. You should rather obey and abide by the rules first, and then you can tactfully present your own suggestion and alternate policy showing forth the benefits over existing policies.  

To recap, keep these three things in mind, whether you are an applicant or a worker, organizations want people that possess requisite knowledge and can apply such knowledge productively and more importantly are willing to obey rules and regulations.

Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you.


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