Simple Tips For Good Leadership (Part 1)

Simple Tips For Good Leadership

Leadership is the bedrock upon which any society, organization or group rests. The success or otherwise of any community – a nation, a state, a company, and in fact any group of people – depends on its leadership. Even nature teaches us that the birth of everything normally begins with the head. Cut off the head of any animal and you get it killed; but remove the legs or hands, and it may survive. Without good leadership, things will go wrong. At the root of most national issues today (globally speaking) is poor leadership.

The remarkability of leadership has made it an important discussion at both national and organizational levels. Good governance only stems from good leadership. Sadly, though, good leadership isn’t available within many groups and organizations.

So, how can one develop oneself into a good leader? Below I share some simple tips that can help you understand, imbibe and cultivate the attributes of good leadership.

Leaders Are Shepherds:
A shepherd is a very unique person who tends, rears, protects and keeps sheep. Shepherds naturally live a sacrificially life for the good of their sheep. They sleep in the open field with their sheep and fights to protect them in danger. They don’t sleep in isolated mansions while their sheep lie under harsh atmosphere. This is a perfect picture of a good leader who truly makes sacrifices for his followers. According to Jarie Bolander, COO and co-founder of Lab Sensor Solutions, "Leadership is caring more about the cause and the people in your company than about your own personal pain and success." Good leaders are passionate about the general good and welfare of their people.

Leaders Are Visionary People:
A visionary leader is one who can conceive a picture of the future (the ultimate end, usually an end that will benefit everyone), even when others are yet to see that picture. This vision differentiates the leader from the rest of the people. While others are sleeping or busy about their personal lives, a good leader is busy thinking about a better future for the whole group. The CEO of Focal Point Strategies, Steve Zeitchik, said: "Leadership is inspiring others to pursue your vision within the parameters you set, to the extent that it becomes a shared effort, a shared vision and a shared success."

Leaders Are Inspirational People Who Inspire Others To Pursue Their Vision:
When a leader establishes a vision of what should be done for the ultimate good of the group, he/she has the ability to inspire others to join (willingly, not by force or coercion) in the pursuit of that vision. Leaders do not intimate their people to ‘do what I say or something bad will happen’; rather leaders clearly communicate their vision to their followers and influence them by their actions and charisma to logon to that vision.

Good Leaders Recognize The Efforts of Others:
Instead of harassing people or driving them through the use of fear, good leaders encourage others towards the goal of the group. They recognize that their teams’ efforts are also important in reaching the success point. As stated by Kathy Heasley, founder and president of Heasley & Partners, "Leadership is being bold enough to have vision and humble enough to recognize achieving it will take the efforts of many people."

(To Be Continued…)

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