Workplace Honesty: It's the Only Policy

Workplace Honesty is best Policy

Honesty, they say, is the best policy, but I say (and that's a fact) that Honesty is not just the best policy but THE ONLY POLICY for a successful career.

Honesty, within the workplace contest, connotes sincerity, integrity, truthfulness, openness and candor in all transactions. It also encompasses, faithful service, total and uncompromising compliance to all statutory provisions and rules governing the terms of employment, working in a manner not prejudicial or detrimental to the company’s interest, recoiling from every fraudulent and scandalous acts.

A hardworking and dedicated staff must of necessity possess the virtue of honesty to move the organization forward. Vices such as bribery, corruption and other selfish interests can mar the organization’s image and goodwill, and should therefore be avoided by all well-meaning professionals.

Fundamentally, people in the business world are well-intentioned, but sometimes they seem to forget their mission, forget their priorities and lose track of the long-term company objectives in pursuit of short-term selfish interests, which tend to hinder success.

Examples of dishonest actions to shun include:

1. A front desk officer seeking financial rewards from clients before letting them in to transact business with the company

2. An accountant, purchasing personnel, marketer or recruitment personnel accepting pecuniary gains to offer services to the public

3. Security operative colluding with third parties or other staff for personal selfish interest against company’s interest

4. Truancy, malingering and habitual late coming – a show of clear and utter lack of dedication and commitment to your employment terms
5. And many many more ....

All these can only lead to endangering company’s prospect of realizing set goals. Instances abound in the corporate world where dishonesty has cost people their jobs. Review your work attitude and strive to imbibe the virtue of honesty for your own career good.......

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