How Important Is the Knowledge of Microsoft Excel to your Career

Importance of Microsoft Excel to your Career

Microsoft Excel may very well be the most used office software in today’s workplaces and business settings. It is used extensively – from simple data entry and report presentation to complex situation analyses – to aid important business management decisions. It’s no surprise that MS Excel gurus, who can actually apply the software to create various business insights, earn more than their colleagues, even on the same level.

So, it goes without questioning that the knowledge of MS Excel is a very serious boost to your career if you intend to succeed in today’s business environment. Many professionals  - like Investment Bankers, Management consultants, Accountants, Marketers, Engineers, Business Analysts, Recruiters, Material Men, Trainers, Human Resource Officers, to mention but a few – apply MS Excel in their data analyses, modeling, complex calculations and computations, trend analyses, graphical presentations, among others.

Below are just few examples of MS Excel usage among contemporary corporate executives:

1. Managers use Excel to control budget and resources

2. Marketers use it to keep track of prospects, analyze market scenarios, compute marketing trend analysis to decipher areas needing increased marketing inputs

3. Accountants and financial analysts use the various accounting formulas in Excel to perform their day-to-day accounting tasks and for complex financial analyses

4. Engineers find the many engineering formulas handy for their various needs

5. Companies also use Excel to investigate and research possible business and production models, including pricing structure evaluations.

Essentially, there are very many functions and formulas available in Microsoft Excel that make organizing and interpreting data easier. Different companies use Excel for different purposes to help decrypt important metrics in their sector, hence there are countless jobs that need some knowledge of Excel.

In a nutshell, if you can understand how to use Excel and create valuable insights for a company, you will be a valued employee, and can expect to be compensated accordingly. But, of course, you cannot expect to become an Excel powerhouse overnight. Invest your time in research and learning Excel both online and offline.

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  1. Very good information. I am looking forward to the tips you have for us

  2. MS Excel is indeed inevitable in today`s business environment. Beautiful piece of information sir.


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