How Employee Suggestions Contribute To Sucessful Business Management

Employee Suggestions in Business Management

Drawing from the works of various authors and authorities in the field of Business, we can define Business Management as the processes involved in the Planning, Organizing, Coordinating and Directing all Business functions (Administration, Finance, Purchasing, Engineering and Production) to achieve set goals and objectives.

 From this definition, it is evident that the principal aim of the Business Management process is to achieve the objectives of the organization, which could either be profit making or effective service delivery depending on whether the organization is a profit or non-profit venture. It is also the realization of these objectives that translates into successful business management and ensures organizational continuity.

In view of the fact that all members of the organization, managers and workers alike, are directly involved in pursuing company’s objectives, it therefore means that every person is an integral part of the Business Management process. Also the prosperity of organizational members and the constancy of their employment depend on how well these objectives are achieved. For instance, in a profit oriented business enterprise, if profit is not made, jobs will be cut down; the business owners and other stakeholders will lose their investment, and the employees will lose their jobs and the remunerations, which have multiplier effect on their living standard and dependants. Because of this fact, employees should be properly instructed on the right attitude to work, acceptable behavioural patterns, laudable approach to handling official assignments and responsibilities, which can be adopted to catalyze the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Since the focus of this article is the employees’ part in moving the company forward, it must be stated here that any action or behaviour by the workers, which endangers the continued existence of the company vis-à-vis profit making should be discouraged and exterminated by the conscious efforts of all staff members.

The following is a simple action step by which employees can contribute to business success:

Simply, Suggest Actions for Success:
In the daily performance of routine and assigned jobs, an employee is most likely to acquire some expertise on the job, which may include the knowledge of improved ways of doing the same job or means of achieving more output within less time, or better procedure of data entry and so on. Where possible, the employee is encouraged to propose these useful suggestions to the management for enhanced business operations. Employees should not simply lean back and expect managers to tailor policies, practices and strategies to them. Rather, employees should contribute to the company’s success by actively working in tandem with their managers to create situations that benefit both the organization and themselves.

Suggestions offered should be achievable, unbiased, based on facts not theories and able to improve on present system. Even though it is likely that many a staff will decline from giving useful suggestions on the basis that their proposal will not be accepted, the fact remains that it is the responsibility of employees to offer any useful suggestion, which can enhance productivity, to the management through their superiors. If your idea is good and can make things work better, give the suggestion and do not bother about when it will be adopted.

Every employee is expected to view the organization as an integral part of his/her life. This means that the employees are required to work for the good of organizational sustenance. Applying the above action guide will inevitably enhance organizational success; and this will in turn ensure the continuity of your employment.

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