Five Golden Tips For Success In Life & Career!

5 Tips For Success In Life & Career!
Believe it or not, it’s tough out there, yeah, really tough!

Just look around you, there are hundreds of thousands of other guys like you who are also trying to make it – build a successful and fulfilling career in their chosen fields (same field as yours) thereby, pitching you against many competitors for the top-spot in your career niche.

For every position in the market, there are unnumbered fellows willing to showcase their talents and prove they’re the best. Every day, organizations sieve though the myriads of professionals working for them to filter out the high-flyers – those who can be entrusted with the future of the organization.

The question then is what are your chances of building a successful career? And just how can you get started? Anyway, I dare say, it’s pretty simple if you know the right attitude to adopt and actions to take.

From my many years of professional experience within a multinational and multicultural business and administrative environment, I present you five golden tips to help you achieve ground-breaking success in your chosen field.

1.    First and foremost, it all begins in your mind. You MUST nurture in your heart the thought (and mindset) that there is a place for you out there. Let’s face it, at one time or another, you must have met a very successful professional (or entrepreneur, musician, etc.) who isn’t really a superman afterall – just another normal human like you with like passion and similar story to tell. Right? Well, look at it this way…if that guy can make it, there’s definitely got to be room for you too. Don’t worry too much (or even give a single thought) about initial rejection or failure because it’ll happen but hey, you think the successful people never got rejected or even failed flat? The key is believing in yourself and just going right against others’ opinions.

2.    Sharpen your talent. One thing all successful people have in common is they consciously build their talent. Having a talent or knowledge of something is one thing, working at that talent and knowledge is a different ball game. You’ve got to do the work needed to excel in your niche, whether it’s writing a song, constant practice of something, further studies, researching information, etc. For that particular skill, gift or talent, you should position yourself as THE person to go to.

3.    Build you network. Get connected with as many people as you can within your niche. Sometimes, even more than sheer talent, relationships drive careers more than anything else. It’s a fact that the quality and quantity of your relationships can help you in your career. They can be the prime movers of your professional progress. Many times, the who-you-know and who-knows-you factors contribute to your success more than anything else. Attend as many events as possible within your vocation; at least, start with free events, even online events.

4.    Be ready to be versatile and not scared to wear several hats initially (till you get yourself established). A lot of the successful guys you hear about nowadays have had, in the past take on many different ventures just to make ends meet and pay the bills. Take on whatever can get you going --- work with that photographer, stop by that web design shop, what about that car wash?... At some point these experiences will merge into something that can start your real career. You’ll have lots of exposure, you’ll be in demand and you can demand. And that’s success. .

5.    Money shouldn’t be the drive at the beginning (at least, till you have built a strong name and followership). At the onset, work towards making a name for yourself. Offer superior services for even lesser amount where possible, accept that low-paying job, showcase the stuff you’re made of, and stay humble. Money should be a reward rather than just a price tag; and if you work hard and smart enough, you will be rewarded with money ---lots of money in due course.

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