How To Format & Insert Image Into Microsoft Excel Comment Box

Microsoft Excel comment box

Normally, when you add comment in Excel (that is, Right-Click, Insert Comment or press Shift+F2); the comment by default looks like this:

Microsoft Excel comment box

But how about making your comment look like A or B below?
Yes ... Using Microsoft Excel...

Microsoft Excel comment box

Well, here’s how you can do it?

First you need to add “Change Shape” tool to your Excel Quick Access Toolbar.

Right click the Quick Access Toolbar and then click Customize Quick Access Toolbar (see figure below):

Microsoft Excel Tips

Click Popular Commands and then click Drawing Tools | Format Tab (see below):

Microsoft Excel Tips

Click Change Shape and then click Add and Ok:

Microsoft Excel comment

The Change Shape tool will appear on top of your Excel sheet like this (see where the arrow is pointing):

Microsoft Excel Tips

Now, when you add a new comment or edit an old comment, click the comment border (not the comment text) to select the comment shape like this:

Microsoft Excel Tips

Then click the Change Shape tool and select any shape you want for your comment. I selected the Cloud callout. See below:

Microsoft Excel Tips

Your comment will now look like this:

add picture to Excel comment box

Once you have your desired shape (I used cloud), you can format further.

Right click on the comment border again, and click Format Comment...:

add picture to excel comment box

This will open up the following dialog. You can then click the Colors and Lines tab, click Color and click Fill Effects. See figure below:

add picture to excel comment box

Click Picture and Select Picture to add image to your comment. I added my own picture as follows:

Microsoft Excel comment picture

You will now have a comment like this:

add picture to microsoft Excel comment box

You can see, it isn’t hard at all. 

You try it and and comment below, or contact me for any query or clarifications. 



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